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    Date: 2020-05-10
    Zhoushan Chengfeng Precision Machinery Equipment Co., Ltd.
    The company is located in Zhoushan City, Zhejiang Province, the gathering place of China's can-making equipment. Zhoushan Chengfeng Precision Machinery Equipment Co., Ltd. specializes in the manufacture of machinery equipment and precision molds for metal packaging containers. The company's equipment is mainly used in food packaging, medical supplies packaging, daily necessities packaging and other industries. The company's easy-to-open lid production line equipment, tank top and bottom lid production line equipment have mature manufacturing technology and experience, supporting precision multi-station molds, to achieve a high-yield, high-quality, cost-effective production line. The company has a complete range of domestic products, specifications covering all kinds of round, square, oval, special-shaped and other cover-type equipment and molds.

    The founder has nearly ten years of experience in can development, mold design, part processing, assembly and commissioning. Every part and product produced by the company comes from mature technical parameters, long-term experience accumulation, and strict quality. Inspection process and test standards.
    The company has a high-quality team, design and technology developers composed of experienced professional engineers, full 3D modeling, simulation, so that our company's products have been fully improved and improved. The company has a complete set of testing equipment, set up a CNC machining workshop, supporting high-speed machining center, slow wire walking, precision grinding machine and other equipment, used to produce precision molds, spare parts and so on. The company provides the following full set of products: basic capping equipment, easy capping equipment, precision molds, conveying and connecting equipment, various types of can lid equipment, etc.
    Our company provides free after-sales service such as free installation and commissioning, technical guidance and operation training.

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